Train Light was founded in 2017 by five individuals who have a combined 25 years experience within the industry.

Our team works together everyday from locations across the West Coast to create polished projects for our clients. Our motto is “love where you live” because we know that when we are living life to the fullest, we become more sincere about the goals at hand.

As a team of developers and designers we provide start-ups, small businesses, and large companies alike with customized solutions that fit the requirements of any type of project we are presented with.

Work Smarter, Not harder

Here at Train Light, our years of experience in many different tech industries have helped us learn which techniques work best.

In an ever-changing industry finding the right solution is more than just picking a technology, it has to do with understanding the world & the consumer that each product is meant to engage.

We pride ourselves in staying up-to-date on the most innovative technologies & techniques. 

Meet the Founders

Patrick Maxwell

Londynn Metten
Project Management

Alex Hathaway

Bryan Matthews