Our push to provide a completely responsive overhaul on the Forbes international platform.

Two months totaling over 500 hours to create and execute a plan to re-design the current Forbes website for most European countries.

Web Development, App Planning, Design to Code, & User Experience


A fresh look for Forbes international affiliate sites. By working with their development team, we created a new front-end interface for their platform.

Page Layouts

Working with a their small team of developers made designing page layout easy and accelerated development as we gained their trust on design and layout suggestions.

Modular Approach

Our goal was to manage less and develop more. By simplifying their process, we were able to use Laravel & Sass to manage the front-end code, while using multiple components on the page layouts.

Mobile First

We spent the majority of time making sure this platform worked smoothly and interacted well on mobile devices. With a very extensive Quality Assurance we made sure it worked just right.

Selecting the right layouts

We worked remotely with the Forbes CTO and Developers in real-time to decide on layouts and design changes. Deciding on layouts before development but letting design be agile during that process. We made many enhancements throughout the development process.