Helping fetch AND KEEP documents

3 Years and numerous designs

User Experience, Prototyping, User Interface, Marketing, and Sales Materials

Satisfied Customers

We got great reviews on the new features when we first launched FileThis 2.0 for iOS on the App Store.

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Gaining Followers

Launching a marketing campaign on Facebook resulted in the creation of an established start-up with features unlike any other document organization app out there.

Full of Upgrades

Is it time for an upgrade to the code? Designing and developing an application is one thing, but keeping it up to date is a continuous process. Over the past year we have been gradually bringing the product up to speed in an ever-changing industry.

Comprehensive Understanding

While working with FileThis, we have learned the inner workings of document management and have been able to suit their sales team with marketing materials & presentations along the way.

Swift 3

We have currently been embarking on the tedious and necessary upgrade to Swift 3. Managing iOS apps requires special attention to details, as the world of technology is constantly changing.

Pushing API

We have also been helping FileThis sell their API to be used in external websites. Here at Train Light, we’ve created a website for their company that is dedicated solely to marketing their API and we have been designing presentations for ‘use cases’ in the industry.

Developers Site

We love working with the FileThis Team.

“Life is easier when TrainLight helps me prepare presentations.”

Gary Zuckerman

VP Business Development