Finding the right Design

We spent countless hours dreaming up bottle designs

Product Design, Print Ready, 3d Visualization & Presentation

A Hint of Industry

Siddiqui is a robustly flavored (but very mixable) moonshine-type rum. With a story originating from American oil workers in the Middle East, the very first label was an attempt to bring a little history into the design. Although over time, we decided to go in a different direction with it’s brand identity.

From the beginning

We like to think our people at Train Light have had a lasting impact on the growth of this company. We look forward to continuing to do what we can to help Siddiqui Rums with their brand identity, marketing, and strategizing as they claim their place in the spirits industry.

A New Approach

After countless design changes, when it was time to work with Bergin Glass and to silk screen the newest design, we didn’t back down. A blend between traditional-style patterns and vector landscapes became the new character for this smooth but flavorful Rum.